Our Service

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Access to knowledgeable veterinary staff
  • All seven farm veterinary advisors and histopathologists have previously worked as VIOs at APHA, SAC or one of APHA’s external post mortem providers.
  • Our veterinary team are readily available to take your calls between 9 am and 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and between 9 am and 12 noon on Saturday.
  • Every case is reviewed by our veterinary team.
  • Our experienced veterinary advisors and histopathologists add considerable value to reports in terms of differential diagnoses and advice on further testing.
  • As ex VIOs, all vets are experienced in post mortem examination and can provide advice on differential diagnoses, gross pathology and ancillary testing.
Serviced by efficient and friendly office staff
  • Dedicated team with specific knowledge of farm animal diagnostic testing.
  • Direct dial phone number: 01626 357776.
Dedicated courier service
  • Contact us to see if your practice can be added to one of our courier routes (01626 357776).
  • Our dedicated courier service provides traceability and ensures samples are reliably delivered to the laboratory.
  • Where practices are not on a courier route, prepaid envelopes are provided.
Fast turnaround times
  • Same working day for trace elements and many other biochemistry profiles and tests.
  • One working day for parasitology.
  • Three working days for histopathology.
  • Serology tests are run at least weekly and Johne’s serology, Border disease serology, BVD serology and BVD antigen ELISA are run at least twice weekly.
  • On Saturday mornings, urgent biochemistry is run and reported, cultures are set up, plates are read and culture results are reported.
Consumables at cost price:
  • Our consumables ordering service only charges cost price and P&P for purchases. Orders can be placed at  www.axiomvetlab.eu or by ringing 01626 357776.
Additional resources :
  • Monthly newsletters summarising key messages on testing and interesting diagnoses made.
  • Information sheets are regularly written on clinical and pathological sampling and testing.

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